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Firewood packaging

NNZ supplies a wide range of packaging for the handling, storage, transportation and presentation of wood pellets, kindling, and firewood logs: FIBCs (Log-Lift®), Net bags, PP woven bags, Carrier bags, PE bags, Cardboard boxes and Paper packaging.

Packaging solutions for firewood

Our wide range of firewood packaging ensures there is always one that perfectly suits the product to be packed and meets the transportation plus presentation requirements needed. NNZ has many years of experience in developing and supplying packaging for firewood. We can advise you in choosing the right package for your product. For further information or to discuss your individual packaging needs then please call our NNZ customer service team.


Log-Lift® was developed specially for the transportation, storage and drying of wood logs. This FIBC is made from UV stabilised polypropylene and is available in various sizes. The Log-Lift can be supplied with a print to 1 or 2 sides.

Net bags

Net bags are ideal for packing smaller quantities of firewood and kindling. The net bags are available in woven and monofilament fabric, in various colours and sizes and can be provided with a drawstring. NNZ also supplies pallet net for optimal transport and storage of firewood.

SnapLog® bags have a closure system which provides a snap (quick) closure of the net bag. It can not be opened after closure and is strong enough to hold the weight of the bag when lifted. It is easy to lock/close the bag and tests have proven 10% higher packing capacity.

PP woven bags

Woven PP bags are the optimum packaging for wood pellets and charcoal. These bags are very strong and can be filled both manually and automatically.

PE bags

Polyethylene bags are used for packing oven dried wood pellets. These bags ensure clean transportation. PE bags can be supplied in many types and sizes with printing up to 8 colours for quality presentation.


NNZ netbags with Snaplog closing system, Premium Quality,  speeds up the firewood packaging process! The netbags are available in black, yellow and orange with and without a branded label. We can advise you in choosing the right firewood packaging.

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